Nic Saint Ebook Collection (Epub,Mobi)

Nic Saint Ebook Collection (Epub,Mobi)

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Purrfect Murder:

There’s something special about Max. He may look like your regular ginger flabby tabby, but unlike most tabbies, he can actually communicate with his human, reporter for the Hampton Cove Gazette Odelia Poole. Max takes a keen interest in the goings-on in their small town, by snooping around with his best friends Dooley, a not-too-bright ragamuffin, and Harriet, a gorgeous white Persian. Their regular visits to the police station, the barbershop and the doctor’s office provide them with those precious and exclusive scoops that have made Odelia the number one reporter in town.
But when suddenly the body of a bestselling writer is discovered buried in the last Long Island outhouse, and a new policeman arrives in town to solve the murder, it looks like things are about to change in Hampton Cove. Detective Chase Kingsley doesn’t take kindly to nosy reporters like Odelia snooping around his crime scene or interviewing his suspects. And to make matters worse, he’s got a cat of his own in Brutus, a buff, black bully, who, just like his owner, likes to lay down the law. Soon Brutus isn’t just restricting access to the police station, but he’s putting the moves on Harriet, breaking up the

Books list:


 Nic Saint – [Alice Whitehouse 01] – Spooky Times.epub

  1. Nic Saint – [Billionaire Knights 01] – The Billionaire’s Ruthless Intrusion (epub).epub
  2. Nic Saint – [Billionaire Knights 02] – The Billionaire’s Disgraced Lover (epub).epub
  3. Nic Saint – [Billionaire Knights 03] – The Billionaire’s Beautiful Intruder.epub
  4. Nic Saint – [Ghosts of London 01] – Between a Ghost and a Spooky Place.epub
  5. Nic Saint – [Ghosts of London 03] – Ghost Save the Queen.epub
  6. Nic Saint – [Ghosts Vs. Spies 01] – The Ghost Who Came in from the Cold.epub
  7. Nic Saint – [Mysteries of Bell & Whitehouse 07-09] – Books 07-09.epub
  8. Nic Saint – [Mysteries of Bell & Whitehouse 01] – One Spoonful of Trouble.epub
  9. Nic Saint – [Mysteries of Bell & Whitehouse 02] – Two Scoops of Murder.epub
  10. Nic Saint – [Mysteries of Bell & Whitehouse 09] – An Act of Hodd.epub
  11. Nic Saint – [Mysteries of Max 04] -Purrfect Heat.epub
  12. Nic Saint – [Mysteries of Max 05] – Purrfect Crime.epub
  13. Nic Saint – [Mysteries of Max] -Purrfect Santa.epub
  14. Nic Saint – [Neighborhood Witch Committee 02] – Witchy Worries.epub
  15. Nic Saint – [Remington 01] – A Billionaire Punishes part 1.epub
  16. Nic Saint – [Remington 02] – A Billionaire Punishes part 2.epub
  17. Nic Saint – [Russian Enforcers 01-03] – Box Set 1.epub
  18. Nic Saint – [Russian Enforcers 04-06] – Box Set 2.epub
  19. Nic Saint – [Tate-a-Tate 01] – Enemy of the Tates.epub
  20. Nic Saint – [The Thorntons 01-04] – Box Set Volume 1.epub
  21. Nic Saint – [Witchy Fingers 01] – Witchy Trouble.epub
  22. Nic Saint – A Billionaire Invites.epub
  23. Nic Saint – Bitcoin Heist.epub
  24. Nic Saint – Blast from the Past.epub
  25. Nic Saint – Navy SEAL’s Virgin Lover (epub).epub
  26. Nic Saint – Once Upon a Spy.epub
  27. Nic Saint – The Whiskered Spy (epub).epub
  28. Nic Saint – When in Bruges.epub