Daniel Silva eBook Collection 10+ Books [EPUB & Mobi]


Book List

  1. Daniel Silva Gabriel Allon CD Colle
  2. House of Spies
  3. Portrait of a Spy
  4. The Black Widow
  5. The Defector
  6. The English Girl
  7. The English Spy
  8. The Fallen Angel
  9. The Heist
  10. The New Girl
  11. The Other Woman
  12. The Rembrandt Affair

Daniel Silva was born in Detroit, Michigan. When Silva was seven, his family moved to Merced, California. He grew up as a Catholic.

Silva received his bachelor’s degree from California State University in Fresno and began a series of degree programs in international relations at San Francisco State University, but later went on to work as a journalist at United Place International.

Silva began his writing career in 1984 as a temporary journalist with United Press International. His mission was to cover the Democratic National Convention. Silva was confirmed by United Press International and transferred to Washington D.C. a year later. He was transferred to headquarters. Two years later, he was appointed UPI Middle East correspondent and emigrated to Cairo, Egypt.

Silva returns to Washington, D.C., for a position at the Washington Bureau of the Cable News Network. He has worked as a producer and executive producer on several CNN television programs, including Crossfire and Capital.


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